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Flying Dragon Taekwon-Do, LTD
FDTKD Student Newsletter

FDTKD February 2009 Newsletter


The Kick-A-Thon was attended by 11brave instructors and students who were up for the challenge this year. The participants raised over $1,400 to benefit the Delaware Special Olympics thru the Polar Bear Plunge. Each of the participants completed the 2009 kicks (plus 1 extra for next year), for a combined total of  22,110 kicks in less than 2 hours! The kicks varied from snap, rising, side, turning and back kicks with the final extra kick being a jump snap kick. A BIG THANK YOU to all the participants and everyone who helped support this event!

UPDATE: Both Mr. Hewes’ and Mr. Bogia successfully plunged on Sunday, Feb. 1st. (Pictures to follow in the future :-)

 Valentine's Kid's Night

The February Kid’s Night will be Friday, Feb. 13th. Kid’s Night is for all current students who wish to attend. The drop off time is between 6-6:30 pm and TKD class beginning at 6:30. After the TKD class we will have some TKD games and other activities/games.  Healthy snacks will be provided. The cost is $10 for the first student and $5 for each additional. Students are encouraged to bring a change of clothes. Final pick up time is 10 pm.

We suggest that this would be a great night for parent’s to get out and celebrate Valentine’s Day...ALONE! (wink, wink ;-)

Report Cards

It’s that time again, report cards are being sent home for the second marking period in most schools. Please make sure to bring in a copy of your student’s report cards so the instructors can check up on everyone’s academics.

Remember the policy at FDTKD is that all students are required to maintain a “C” average in order to attend classes.

We at FDTKD believe that it is very important to maintain good grades so students need to remember that school comes first and that martial arts classes of any type are a privilege.


Please check back for updated information, thank you.

Any student who is not on the FDTKD e-ring (through Yahoo!) and wishes to be added please contact Mr. Hewes.