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Flying Dragon Taekwon-Do, LTD
Community Service

All students of Flying Dragon TaeKwon-Do, FDTKD, are required to participate in both school related and individual community service projects prior to testing for their black belt. Our school conducts various local demonstrations throughout the year with the focus being on community pride and leadership. In the past students have performed at the annual 4th of July Celebrations as well as for local school groups.


The main community service project that FDTKD students participate in is the annual Kick-a-Thon which has benefited the Sunshine Foundation, We Care Chapter and the National MS Society, Delaware Chapter.
In 1997, fifteen students participated in the 1st Annual Kick-a-Thon to benefit the Sunshine Foundation. Each student successfully completed 1,001 kicks in a two hour time period and raised $1500. The following year 25 students participated and completed 1,101 kicks in less than two hours raising $2500. The proceeds from both years went to the We Care Chapter, Project Dream Lift. Project Dream Lift takes chronically and terminally ill children for a one day trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL. The children are flown down in the morning in a US Air Force aircraft, spend the day in the magic kingdom, and come home that same evening. Next year we are hoping to again break last years total in both kicks and pledges.

In 2000 students from FDTKD completed 2,001 kicks in 2 hours and raised $3500 for the MS Society of DE!!

Update: For 2001 the students chose a small non-profit organization, Crossing the Finish Line, which gives relieve and support to young families battling cancer. Marci Bossow, co-founder of CFL, was able to attend the second half of the Kick-A-Thon and brought with her fresh baked donuts and pastries from her families shop. In the end 28 students and instructors completed 2,001 kicks in the 2 hour time limit and raised $3500 for CFL. Way to go everybody! Due to the events of September 11th, a contribution of $500 was diverted from CFL and given to the American Red Cross.

Toys for Tots Program

The Marine's Toys for Tots program is FDTKD's second major community effort. At Christmas time each student is asked (okay they're informed) to purchase a $5 toy to be donated to the program. In leiu of all the other charities that students participate in at Christmas, the staff at FDTKD deducts $5 from each student's membership dues for the month of January to compensate them. This project is done in part with Monster Racing in Dover, Delaware. The staff of Monster Racing provide a drop off site prior to Christmas and they then deliver the toys to the US Marine Corps. Each year with our continued growth we hope to do more to help with this project.

Update: In 2001 students contributed over 100 toys to the US Marine Corps!! Way to go everybody!!

In addition to the school activities students are encouraged to help out with other community projects on their own time. Prior to their black belt test each student must have 20 hours of community service logged in and a summary of what they performed and what benefits they received from it.