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Flying Dragon Taekwon-Do, LTD
School Photo Gallery

Please check back for new pictures as they become available.

Annual Technical Seminar with Grand Master K.S. Hwang, IX dan, September 29th, 2001, St. Joseph's Community Center, Clayton, DE.


FDTKD Annual Seminar w/ Grand Master Hwang at St. Joseph's Community Center, September 29th, 2001.


Eric stretches with Grand Master Hwang.


Grand Master Hwang demonstrates a cresent kick to Bill, up close and personal.


Grand Master Hwang demonstrates his use of front kick to Mr. Mike LoRe, V dan.


The FDTKD Clan and guests with Grand Master Hwang, we thank you for your time and support in coming to Delaware to teach us.


Grand Master Hwang demonstrating pattern Do-San.


Grand Master Hwang shows Eric his stretch...Impressive!


Grand Master Hwang lets Bob get a clear view of how to execute a reverse turning kick.


A group of attentive students listen to Grand Master Hwang give them personnal instruction on patterns.

Students with photos they wish to have posted please contact Mr. Hewes, thank you.