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Flying Dragon Taekwon-Do, LTD
FDTKD Student Newsletter

FDTKD April 2002 Newsletter

Tournament Time!

As of now we only have a few brave individuals who have submitted tournament forms for this coming April tournament. As the newly dubbed "Tournament Coordinator" I am hoping to make this a very successful experience for all those involved.

Again, as in the past, tournament participation has never been a mandatory requirement for students of FDTKD. However, I do encourage everyone to at least try it once to see what its like and meet new TKD practitioners from across the country. Some of you may actually enjoy the competition scene like I have and want to continue.

Ms. Angie and myself along with some of the other black belts will be heading up early Friday, April 26 to assist with a referee course and get things set up for the tournament, anyone who wishes to follow us up is more than welcome too. Otherwise please see me for hotel information and directions.

Stars of Delaware

We will be setting up a booth at the Stars of Delaware party, Sunday, April 7 at the DE Agriculture Museum in Dover. Set-up time will be from 10:30 to 11 with the festivities being between noon and 3 pm.

Anyone who still wishes to come support the dojang and man the information booth is more than welcome too. If you would like to help out please come on down and you can checkout all the other winners displays and free stuff! If you intend to help out please wear an FDTKD shirt if you own one, if you need one please see me as we have a few left in stock.

Rank Promotions

Congratulations to Sam Somers and Marci & Jake Voss on making yellow-stripe, you each did a great job!

The next scheduled gup testing date is slated for Saturday, April 20th. Please plan to attend to show support for those who will be testing. A listing of the students who are up for promotion will be posted at the dojang.

Testing time will start at 9:30 am.

Private Lessons

This month's private lessons will be held on Saturday, April 20th, with the first session starting at 11:30 and finishing at 2:00. A total of five slots will be available this month.

I would like to have this benefit as many students a possible so in an attempt to do so I do have to set some guidelines. First, please do not sign up for back to back sessions unless there is still an opening one-week prior. Second, please do not sign up every month unless there is still an opening one-week prior. And lastly, family members can work together in one slot if they are beginning rank (below blue-stripe).

The cost of each half-hour session will remain $10 per student. In the event that you are unable to make your scheduled session please notify Mr. Hewes or Ms. Angie prior to that day for a refund. This also allows us to let others know that an opening has become available. Thank you.

Upcoming FDTKD Events

In order for students and parents to plan ahead I'm giving you some tentative dates now for FDTKD/KATU related events. Please remember that these dates are tentative and may be changed as the need arises.


The next scheduled KATU tournament will be Saturday, April 27h in Connecticut. If you are interest please start making plans now. The cost is approximately $40 for the tournament plus the cost of the hotel rooms.

This would be an excellent tournament to attend as the following day will be the US Junior World Championship Team National Competition. Junior black belts from all over the US will be competing for a slot on the US Team, should be exciting!

Black Belt Promotions

The next scheduled black belt promotion will be in the spring of 2002.

Summer Camps

Mark your calendars now! Grand Master Hwangs 30th Annual Summer Camp will be July 14th 21st in Barre, MA.

The 6th Annual FDTKD Summer Camp will be August 2nd 4th at St. Joes in Clayton, DE.


Grand Master Hwang will be conducting various seminars throughout the U.S. and Internationally, you can check the KATU website for more details or see Mr. Hewes.

KATU website

The Annual FDTKD seminar with Grand Master Hwang is already being planned so well keep you posted when details become available. The date for this seminar is Saturday, October 19, 2002 at St. Josephs Gymnasium, 1 pm 4 pm.

Student of the Month

Your Voice has been heard

The new Student of the Month process has been utilized for the month of March and I am pleased to announce that Eric Rheaume has been chosen by her peers to receive this award. Congratulations Eric you definitely deserve this for your perseverance and indomitable spirit!

Walk for MS

The annual Walk for MS is coming up this year. Mrs. Boulden is organizing a team of walkers under the banner of FDTKD to participate. If you would like to be a part of the team or just make a contribution please see Mrs. Boulden for more information. They are planning on doing the walking on Sunday, April 14th.

Volunteer Project

The Kent County Parks and Recreation is inviting volunteers to join them on Saturday, April 6 (Rain Date: Sunday, April 7) from 9 AM to 2 PM to help with the St. Jones Greenway Reforestation Project. This major community project requires the support and help of families, individuals, groups and volunteer organizations to replace upland habitat eliminated along the connector between Highway 13 and SR 1 in Dover.

The goal of the event is to plant 3,000 seedlings of native hardwoods and pines to replace the habitat loss due to the highway construction in the area. Participating partners are DelDot, the National Tree Trust.

Please see Mr. Hewes if you are interested in helping out with this event, thank you.


No classes are scheduled to be cancelled in the month of April.

If a major storm should occur you can contact me at 302-423-4516 (my cell phone) to see if we are going to postpone class. Also, I will put a posting up on the Yahoo listserve for all of those that have provided me with an up to date email address and a message to the WBOC news web site.

And for those that do not have email or Internet access we will of course give you a phone call and attempt to let you know. Please remember you are not obligated to come to any classes when you feel the weather conditions are too nasty. Safety first, you can always practice at home that night J

First Aid/CPR Certification

Am. Red Cross Certified

John Thomas has once again offered his services to the students and family members of FDTKD to run another American Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification course. The course will be held at FDTKD on Sunday, May 19th. This will be an all day course if it is your first time getting certified, approximately 9 4. If you just need CPR certification you can take the morning session and leave after the written test.

Please see Mr. Hewes or John if you are interested or know of someone who would be interested in getting certified. We will be starting a list and provide you with information as it becomes available.

 Website Updates

A few updates to the website have been added. Mainly the new page on the instructors and staff of FDTKD. Not all of the staff have their TKD resumes up yet but they will be soon so keep your eyes open for that! Enjoy and if you have any suggestions please let me know.

For those that have not been to the new website here it is:


Magazine Subscription

The March 2002 issue of TaeKwon-Do Times is currently available. See Mr. Hewes after class if you wish to sign the magazine out. Remember to keep the magazine in good condition so others will be able to enjoy reading it also. Back issues are always available if the current issue is signed out.

A Permanent Statement

As most of you know by now or will find out very soon, I have made a modification to my body appearanceyes, I now have a permanent tattoo on myself. Now before many of you decide that you now want one let me explain to you what my represents and why I chose to get it done. I am part Cherokee Indian and I share some of the sentiments of my heritage, love of nature and self-expression, and the use of tattoos to symbolize devotion has always interested me.

My tattoo has been a long time coming, the design has been in my head for many years, then with the help of an artist friend it went through several hand drawn sketches before deciding on the ideal design. It was then another year after getting the colors chosen that I actually had it done.

The core idea is that it is a 4-headed dragon with wings. The dragon in both the western and eastern cultures represents strength and wisdom. Our school is of course "flying dragon" which is also the nickname my father gave to me many moons ago so therefore a winged dragon. The 4-heads represent my 4th dan status (yes there is room to add addition ones in the future). The colors of each head is different as are the wings and body, in total 6 colors each representing one of the belt colors in the TKD system. One claw holds a red/blue yin-yang symbol to represent my understanding of eastern philosophy and the South Korean flag colors. Another claw holds the Earth to represent my professionenvironmental scientist and it is depicting the Western Hemisphere because that is where the goodol USA is! The banner below the dragon states "Knowledge is Power", something my education background and teaching philosophy are firmly grounded to. And the location of the tattoo, my left pectoral facing in to represent how each of the above symbols are held close to my heart at all times.

So before any of you younger students (and the older ones too) think of getting a tattoo because Mr. Hewes did and its cool please think this completely through. A tattoo is a permanent alteration of your body and to me it should have a special meaning to you personally, otherwise dont do it just because others have one. Again it took me several years to finally get mine done, so think before you ink J

Please check back for updated information, thank you.

Any student who is not on the FDTKD e-ring (through Yahoo!) and wishes to be added please contact Mr. Hewes.