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Flying Dragon Taekwon-Do, LTD
News and Events

This page is to keep our students & parents up to date on news and events relating to our dojang and the ITF/KATU.

Some Changes for 2002

As we all know over time things sometimes have a tendency to change or evolve. Usually this is a good thing for those involved. This March FDTKD will have been in the business of training individuals in TKD for 5 years! And over this period students have seen changes occur within the dojang. With the new year quickly approaching I want to inform you all that we will be making some changes in hopes of improving student learning and overall understanding of TKD. Some of these changes include revamping the current training schedule to make it more efficient and provide more training time to the upper ranked students. We will begin a pilot program with Kent County Parks & Recreation for Tots and Intro TKD classes. The addition of 34 new self-defense techniques to our current system to provide students with a greater resource to protect themselves. Also, we will begin mailing reminder postcards to let students/parents know ahead of time when their three-month plans need to be renewed. And to make bookwork easier on our end, monthly tuition payments will need to be made by the 10th of each month or a $5 late charge will be serviced. Late payments can be made with prior notification to FDTKD staff and not have the service charge added. Again the hope is to make the dojang more efficient in both training and management to provide the students with better overall instruction. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know, thank you. jdh

Upcoming Events...

In order for students and parents to plan ahead I'm giving you some tentative dates now for FDTKD/KATU related events. Please remember that these dates are tentative and may be changed as the need arises.

Tournaments -
The next scheduled KATU tournament will be Saturday, April 6th in Connecticut. If you are interest please start making plans now. The cost is approximately $35 for the tournament plus the cost of the hotel rooms.
This would be an excellent tournament to attend as the following day will be the US Junior World Championship Team National Competition. Junior black belts from all over the US will be competing for a slot on the US Team, should be exciting!

Black Belt Promotions -
The next scheduled black belt promotion of 2002 is to be announced (stay posted for updated information).

Seminars -
Grand Master Hwang will be conducting a technical seminar on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at St. Joseph's gymnasium in Clayton, DE. Interested students please see Mr. Hewes.

Stars of Delaware Award!

On behalf of the staff of FDTKD, I would like to send a great big THANK YOU to all of you for making FDTKD the Delaware State News Stars of Delaware for Favorite Fitness Place! This is a very big accomplishment because it means FDTKD beat out Images in Dover which has won every year since the Stars program has been running!

It goes without saying that you the students and parents are a bigger part of making FDTKD the favorite place to workout. Without your support and enthusiasm there would be no FDTKD to even nominate.

This award will be proudly displayed on our "Wall of Accomplishment" as it truly is an award that everyone deserves that walks through our doors. Your positive spirit and willingness to learn makes teaching the ultimate reward for me, I thank you.

The edition with our award will be in the February 27th State News!

CPR Refresher Course

John Thomas led a 5-hour refresher course in community CPR for seven instructors and students of FDTKD. Members were presented with review material and updated information to bring all the participants up to the current American Red Cross standards.

It is the goal of FDTKD to make sure that someone with First Aid/CPR training is always on hand during any classes and functions conducted by FDTKD. In addition the information provided is invaluable in everyday situations that may occur.

Another course will be conducted in April. Students who are interested in becoming certifide should see Mr. Hewes or John Thomas so that a list may be started. And a big thank you to John for volunteering his time and knowledge so that we may all benefit.