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FDTKD Instructor/Staff Resumes

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Learn more about the Instructors and Staff of FDTKD!

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The instructors of FDTKD have all attended instructor training courses through the KATU and ITF. The training environment of FDTKD is one of a friendly open group with discipline and courtesy strongly encouraged.

Typical training sessions include meditation, stretches, warm-up drills, basic fundamental practice and then depending on class size step sparring, pattern practice, pad/bag work, free-sparring or stick work.

Monthly "special" classes include Sparring Night devoted to helping students understand the rules of ITF sparring, sparring drills, and open sparring fellow students; Breaking Class is provided to demonstrate proper ITF protocol during international/regional tournments, give students insight on proper breaking techinque and build confidence in the student's abilities; and during Street Clothes class student's do not wear dobok to class rather normal attire is utilized and quick defensive tactics are taught as well as awareness drills and demonstrations.

CPR & First Aid

All instructors at FDTKD and several advanced students are CPR & First Aid certifided through the American Red Cross. Training sessions are held at the FDTKD dojang annually to keep everyone's certifications up to date. The dojang is also a host site for other groups/organizations to hold American Red Cross training sessions.

Resident student, John Thomas, is a certifide instructor with the American Red Cross and conducts all the training sessions at FDTKD.

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